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I want to start by saying wow. I made it to my 20th year of my life. 2020. A new year. A new decade. A new start. As I look back on 2019, I see some very high moments and some very low. The lowest being a lost, broken-hearted girl. I was searching for any answers to why my life was the way it was. Why did I feel broken? Why did I feel stuck? I searched in all the wrong places. I looked to things like drinking and partying. Which was only a temporary solution to my questions. I finally hit rock bottom and that is when I saw the light. God. And now I know God was there the whole time and for whatever reason I didn’t see it until I has nothing left. My life has drastically changed for the better since I started giving Him my all. Looking to God is where I found all the answers I was longing for. In finding Him, I found myself. I realized that I had outgrown my hometown. I had outgrown a lot of my friends. I had outgrown my former self. I had new dreams and new goals that could not be fulfilled where I was or who I was surrounding myself with. I moved to a new town. I started a blog. I made new friends. I found a church. I learned new things. I tried new things. I failed at some things (and laughed it off). I succeed at some things. I became the person I always wanted to be; a fulfilled person. I started being more content with being whoever I wanted to be! 2019 was definitely a year of growth. And with that being said I want to share my intentions for the year 2020:

  • #1- Keep God as my first priority. Start journaling again. Start every morning with quiet 1-on-1 bible time. Live for Him. Be more like Him. More of Him, Less of Yourself. You can never be too close to Him. There’s always room for improvement in your relationship with Him.
  • #2- Self care needs to become more of a priority. Start doing more of what ME happy. Check in with people who love you for you. Take more alone time. Write more blogs. Go to a coffee shop. Go take a walk. Read a book. Listen to a podcast.
  • #3- Get healthy. Start buying only healthy foods at the store. Stop making excuses and workout. You are the only person stopping yourself. You only get 1 body… treat it right. You feel better when you look better – you know that.
  • #4- Make new friends. Get out of your comfort zone. This is your new home. Talk and mingle more in places where you don’t know anyone. Never change who you are for people you are around.
  • #5- Start saying “no” without explanation. Say “no” without feeling guilty. If you don’t want to go out, then say “no”. Stop feeling guilty for doing what is best for YOU. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone.
  • #6- Set goals. Reach them. Keep working hard. Remember your worth. Don’t settle. Keep dreaming and keep working for those dreams. Remember your “why’s.” Be kind. Stay humble. Be an example.

I cannot wait to look back and see all the progress I make over the next 12 months.

xoxo Taryn

Outfits in a Week

Hey y’all, I’ve wanted to do this blog post FOREVER. So here I am finally getting around to it! Hope y’all enjoy 🙂


Oh the joy of Sunday! Today was a comfy outfit day while I cooked dinner, finished up some homework & watched the Dallas Cowboys defeat the Lions! This soft “COZY” sweatshirt is one of the best things in my closet. It can be worn for a warm night in or a day of running errands! I paired it with some of my favorite black shorts & the perfect black fuzzy slippers.

  • COZY sweatshirt – Peach & Plum Boutique on Facebook – $38.00
  • Black sweatshorts – H&M – $17.99
  • Fuzzy slippers – Amazon – $18.99
  • Blue light glasses – Amazon – $16.99


Que the music… IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEARRRR! My favorite place to get graphic holiday shirts (for any season) is at Peach & Plum Boutique on Facebook. They have SO many to choose from! I paired this “All My Grinches Love Me” shirt with my favorite pair of mom jeans for a more causal look. And of course through on the basic converse to complete the outfit.

  • “All My Grinches Love Me” shirt – Peach & Plum Boutique On Facebook – $28.00
  • Mom jeans – Aeropostale – $56.50
  • Red Converse – Converse – $50.00
  • Bracelets – Ermish – $8.00 each


This is one of my favorite fall looks, every single season! A tip to anyone who is looking to revamp their wardrobe: invest in staple pieces!!! Buy things you can use for various looks. So that being said, this outfit is a simple white laying tee with an army green utility jacket thrown on over it. I paired this with a dark wash pair of skinny jeans and light brown booties. And I always love to front tuck the shirt to dress it up a bit and to show off a fun belt like so!

  • White laying shirt – SHEIN – $9.00
  • Green utility jacket – Target – $39.99
  • Dark wash jeans – Aeropostale – $46.50
  • Brown booties – Target – $37.99
  • Leopard print belt – H&M – $9.99
  • Sunglasses – Quay – $65.00
  • Stack gold bracelets – SHEIN – $4.00


If you love fashion then you know how good the feeling is to make an outfit vision come to life! I bought these pants without ever knowing what I would use them for… okay and for the price LIKE WHAT. This outfit has every single vibe I was trying to achieve. It is flirty, different & so fun. Perfect for so many occasions and most important so comfortable.

  • Babe t-shirt – SHEIN – $9.00
  • Leopard pants – Walmart – $9.98
  • Distressed blue jean jacket – Forever 21 – $39.99
  • Black hat – Pink Lily Boutique – $28.00
  • Black pointed booties – Ella + Scott Boutique – $38.00


A simple outfit that still makes a statement… ABSOLUTELY! This turtle neck sweater is THE softest thing in my closet, I paired it with my black frayed jeans and some pointed toe booties to dress it up a bit. Then I accessorized with my favorite black hat, gold accent jewelry pieces, and a belt!

  • Cream turtle neck sweater – Walmart – $11.86
  • Black frayed jeans – Pink Lily Boutique – $48.00
  • Black pointed booties – Ella + Scott Boutique – $38.00
  • Black hat – Pink Lily Boutique – $28.00
  • Sunglasses – Quay – $65.00
  • Gold stack bracelets – SHEIN – $4.00


Look at this color! I personally don’t own a ton of bold/colorful pieces, but this one is a MUST. Something that I love about this outfit is because of the simplicity of it there are so many shoe options. I chose to pair it with my leopard heels, and for a more modest look I would throw on a blue jean jacket. This jumpsuit is so comfortable you guys… I could literally sleep in it. And best of all, it has pockets. The boutique I snagged this jumpsuit from, Sincere Sally Boutique, has some great options. AND they were generous enough to offer my viewers a code! Use TARYNM25 at checkout for 25% off your purchase 🙂

  • Red jumpsuit – Sincere Sally Boutique – $95.00 (use code TARYNM25 for 25% off)
  • Leopard heels – Pink Lily Boutique – $42.00
  • Sunglasses – Quay – $65.00
  • Gold stack bracelets – SHEIN – $4.00
  • Gold hoops – SHEIN – $2.00


THIS OUTFIT YALL!!! I’ve never wanted to wear an outfit forever but THIS. This would be a perfect outfit for a night out or for that New Years Eve outfit you’ve been searching for 😉 I got you girl! I have had this black leather skirt in my closet… but I could NOT find a top I loved paired with it, until I ordered this sequin shirt! It is not a scratchy or itchy top like most sequin top, it is VERY flattering, and even better it comes in several colors. And last, but most definitely not least, these heels. If your closet doesn’t have any snake skin, you better invest… because IT. IS. IN.

  • Black leather jacket – Charlotte Russe – $59.99
  • Black leather skirt – SHEIN – $12.00
  • Black sequin top – Pink Coconut Boutique – $32.00
  • Snake skin heels – Pink Lily Boutique – $42.00

This has been by far the most fun I’ve had writing a blog because it is something that I love! I love expressing myself through my clothes and getting asked for fashion advice. I get messages often about where I shop and/or how I put together my outfits, so for those of you who ask… I hope this helps! If anybody has any questions ever feel free to ask, my DM’s on Instagram are always open @tarynmeaux

xoxo Taryn

It Has Been Awhile… But I’m Not Sorry

Hey y’all, it has been awhile. A whole month to be exact. But I’m not sorry.

I say that in the MOST selfish way. My first blog was named titled A New Chapter, A New Perspective & A New Me, that blog was about me finding myself and my happiness. Along with finding myself I grew to KNOW myself. I know when I’m tired. I know when something is off… even if I’m not sure of what that something is at that exact moment. I know when I need to walk away. I know when I need to cut off a toxic relationship. And most importantly… I KNOW WHEN I NEED A BREAK.

About a month ago I hit a wall. And when I say hit, I mean SLAMMED into this wall. I woke up one day and had lost ever ounce of motivation that was once in me. I had spread myself too thin. I was finally settling into my new town and my new apartment. I was waking up at 9:30 am on the dot every morning. I was reading my bible and writing about my daily devotion. I was doing homework, studying, going to class and taking tests. I was trying to remember to eat when I had the time. I was trying to workout and “look” they way I use to. The day would end. I would shower, try to sleep & repeat it all over again the next day. I was exhausted. I was going through the motions. I wasn’t doing a single thing with purpose. And I had forgotten my WHY. My why… my reasons to keep pushing. So, I stopped. I took a day to myself to rest and remember my “why’s”. I wrote them down:

  • Waking up early: To feel refreshed, to get more things done before class
  • Reading my bible/daily devotion: To keep my relationship with God #1, to slow down
  • School work/going to class: To get the degree that will allow me to have my dream job

And I sat there. Looked over these “why’s” and thought wow… How blessed am I to be able to wake up whenever I want, how blessed am I to have a relationship with God and how blessed am I to be able to attend college. I cried. I felt guilty for not having the motivation to do things that some people would love to do. I prayed to God that day to thank Him for all He has blessed me with and for all the opportunities He has given me. I realized quickly that the problem was just that. I had not been praying. I was completing my bible reading and my daily devotion but was I really. It had become more of a thing to “check off” the to-do list than what it was supposed to be. It was supposed to be my one on one time with God. The time I set aside daily to grow closer to Him. Not only was I neglecting the bible reading and the devotion, but my nightly prayers had stopped. No wonder I felt off! I am not who I am, nor who I want to be without Him. My relationship with God was being affected so it was affecting every other aspect of my life as well. “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Romans 12:12 I think often we get so caught up in the craziness of life and forget our why’s. I cannot express how important is to know and recognize our own needs. I’m glad I was able to recognize I needed a break. Giving myself that time I got to assess the issue and find a solution.

What I wish to have my readers take from this is: be selfish. Put yourself first. Take the time to recognize your own needs and take the appropriate actions. And don’t apologize for doing what is best for you.

With that being said…The break is over! I am back! I am ready to share with you all again!

xoxo Taryn

Dear Taryn

I’ve asked my friends and family if they have any advice or a few words of encouragement for they wanted to give me, this is what I received:

Dear Taryn,

Life is about choices, some you make will be good some not so good. But know this, you will learn so much from your trials in life. The best thing you will learn is that your Lord and family will love you unconditionally. I pray that one day you will meet your soulmate the one guy that has been sent to you from God, the one that will love and respect you and your family above all else. Just know that he will not be perfect but you will know him when you meet him. Life is not perfect but it can be simply amazing. Big hugs 🤗 Love, Patty

Dear Taryn,

I’m so excited to see you spread your wings and fly. I love your positive attitude and your love for the Lord and yourself! Can’t wait to see what life has in store for you! Love reading your blog every week!! Love you BIG!!!😘❤️ Love, Aunt Angie

Dear Taryn,

So exciting to see the “beautiful butterfly “ that you’re becoming.  You continue to amaze me with your wisdom and maturity. We thought that it was super when you decided to transfer to A & M. It’s been exciting to have both my girls there for each other. I must admit that you’ve rescued Hails on occasion. Lol. Miss America the sky is the limit. 😘. Love, Nana

Dear Taryn,

I am so proud of you. You always said that you would never leave Nederland. But you knew that you were going to be a teacher. Some reason you decided to leave your hometown and head off A&M and continue your education. You are on your own making grownup decisions. (And making good ones). You make me and your Nana so proud and happy for you. You have grownup so fast and seem to be happier. We love you. Love, Pa

Dear Taryn,

I am so beyond proud of all the changes you’ve made in the past few months and am so happy i am able to be apart of it all. I know you have amazing things in store for you and can’t wait to see all of the exciting things you do in the future. I love you beyond words and am so happy i finally get to experience life living near you finally!!! Love, Hailey

Dear Taryn,

Every stage of your life becomes more exciting and special. Being my first grand baby of course is THE miracle that started it all. Those fluffy cheeks just made me want to squeeze them and give you sugar all over. It broke our hearts when you had to go to the hospital when you were so little. I remember how you were the teachers helper like in first grade watching those little kids at recess and P.E. You have made good choices as you’ve grown up into a fine young woman. I’m excited that you are loving life as you start to experience your college years. You are beautiful but your heart is the most beautiful thing about you. I love you and I’ll always be here if you need anything. Love, Pop Pop

Dear Taryn,

To my “Taryn Nae” I think this is a new place (College Station) for you to be what ever you want to be. I am praying for you to make good decisions, but I know you will. I know if you listen with your heart, the Lord will guide you in the right way. I miss you but know we have to let our little one fly and grow. You and Caley (my cousin) will both be fine because you are both so strong! Y’all are like my second set of twins. I am so glad you have found a church to go to. The Lord will always be there when you need him. Just remember someone may be watching and may need some guidance. I will always be here for you love you very much. Love, Grammy

Dear Taryn,

I am so very proud of everything you have accomplished in your short life!! You have grown leaps and bounds and I know you will have such a beautiful future ahead of you!! Even in your lowest moments, you persevered and grabbed the most important book in the world….The Bible and found who your “true love” is and that He has a better plan for you already written!! You make me smile every day and I’m so proud to be called your aunt!! The love you’ve shown my babies makes my heart smile and I know you will be an incredible teacher and the most amazing, caring, nurturing mother when you have your own babies!! Keep your eyes on things above & there will be no stopping you!! Love you sooooo much!! Love your biggest cheerleader, Aunt Sissy

Dear Taryn,

I don’t even know where to begin. You have grown up into such a beautiful young woman. I have loved being a part of your life for the last 19 years. I have seen you overcome difficulties with grace, and love those around you with all of your heart. I have watched you crush over the wrong boy and grow into a woman that knows what she is worth and won’t accept anything less. You have come a long way since we were the little girls in the Cleveland cheer uniforms. I am so proud of you always! I love that you are letting your faith guide your life. I pray for you often, and I am so glad God allowed me to be sort of a big sister to you. I can’t wait to continue to watch you grow as you chase your dreams. Love you always, Kayla

Dear Taryn,

I have known you since the moment you came into this world. You’re my first kid. You stole my heart and my life has never been the same. I am so proud of the beautiful caring woman you are and even more proud you are in my life. Be you. 5 simple letters that are so powerful. Not everyone is gonna like you and that’s OK. Remember your worth. You are the daughter of the King and He always has your back. I am so proud of you for leaving the nest, your family and friends to make a life for yourself. I’ve done it and it’s not always easy. Remember your roots no matter where you go. You are a Southern woman strong and proud. You will get knocked down and you will ALWAYS & FOREVER get back up. Your love for God is inspiring!!! Don’t let anyone change you and always listen to your heart. Love always & forever, Aunt Marcie 💜 PS I know Granny Mary is watching you from heaven and is so very proud of you!!

Dear Taryn,

So, what do you say for a girl who found her way? I prayed. I cried. I worried. I lost sleep. At the end of everything, God still had her heart and helped her see her worth. All of the prayers for her, her heartache, her future, her future husband, her health, her grades and career, He had it all waiting for her along the broken road. As a mom, it’s so hard to sit back and watch our kids stumble. I’m just so glad that God chose me to be your mom. You were such a blessing and were always my sidekick. You were my first baby, and I don’t pretend to have done anything along the way perfectly. I’m proud of the young woman you are still becoming and glad that I recited Philippians 22:6 as many time as I did.  Just keep letting Jesus take the wheel, stay in prayer for God to direct every step, and NEVER forget where you came from. Stay humble and kind. Know that no one loves you as fiercely as Jesus and your momma, and my door is ALWAYS open. You can call me day or night until my last day on this earth and I will show up. I’ll fight for you and also continue to be your biggest cheerleader. Keep working hard and everything you want will become reality. I am blown away at the confidence and bravery you show in all things you do and am happy to just sit back and watch you keep succeeding these days. Thankful and blessed is quite an understatement. Don’t be a stranger, but spread your wings and enjoy the ride too! Love, Mom

Dear Taryn,

I never thought anything good could come out of a heartbreak until it led me to my college roommate, and now one of my forever besties. With both of us going through tough times together, it only showed how great of a person and friend you are, and how much you seek and love God. Although I’m older than you by only a few months, I do look up to you in many ways. I’ve never met anyone as passionate as you to go and chase their dreams, in your case, being a 2nd grade teacher and I could not be prouder to see you do so and cannot wait to see all your dreams finally come true! Your relationship with God is truly something special and I aspire to get to know him like you do every day, and I see how he works in your life. If it weren’t for him you would not be thriving living your life in college station, working towards your dreams of being a teacher, and now having a blog where you can inspire more people. I hope one day you meet your dream guy, and he’s everything you’ve ever wanted and more and he treats you how you deserve to be treated because we definitely know you want plenty of babies and have super high standards, lol. I’m so stinking proud of you for not caring what anyone thinks and starting this blog where you get to share your story, your cute outfits every day, and love for God and I’m so excited to see where it goes!! You truly are one of a kind and I’m so grateful God led us to be roommates, and I will forever be grateful for the McDonald’s and Taco Bell runs, wine and cookie nights, and all the belly laughs that come along with it. Thank you, for being not only the best roommate, but a good friend and sister and being there when I need you. I will always support you and can’t wait to see where your blog and future goes, and I’m grateful I get to be your roomie through the process ❤ Xoxo, Caly

I truly don’t know how I got blessed with all of these people in my life, but I DO know I wouldn’t be where I am today without each and every single one of them. These notes they have given me mean more than they will ever know and sharing them on this blog will give me a way to treasure them always. I’d be lying if I said some of these didn’t make me shed a tear or two. It’s so good to be reminded how much I am loved and how many people are proud of all that I accomplish. They are always my biggest supporters in everything I do and I’m forever thankful for them. I love y’all

These are MY people

Less Dreaming, More Doing


Goals. Everybody has a goal or multiple goals they want to achieve. Whether it be a spiritual goal, a physical goal or a mental goal; they are something we hold ourselves accountable for. Most of the time when these goals are reached, we have bettered ourselves in some way.  As a young adult who just started living on my own, I have recently realized just how important goals are for me.

I have always had a vision of my life in the future: a wife and a mom and a teacher… But how was I going to get to all those long-term dreams if I don’t hold myself accountable along the way. Very few lifelong goals, if any, are just a straight shot kind of thing. None of them are a one step and you are there. Reaching long-term goals looks more like a staircase, a very long staircase. Each stair is a minor goal and as you build them up over and over, continuing to better yourself along the way… you will one day reach the top, which is the ultimate goal or that vision.

How Do I Do It? What Are My Goals?

A new habit I have started is setting monthly goals that align to my yearly goals. My goal for 2019 was to find myself again and love that person with all of my heart. Spoiler alert… if you haven’t read the previous blog post, I found myself and I LOVE HER. Getting to that goal wasn’t easy though. I have had to set goals each month that challenged myself to keep growing and keep searching. What I do is sit down at the beginning of the month and writing out 3 goals I want to achieve by the end of that month. I usual have a spiritual goal, a physical goal & a personal goal. I always set a spiritual goal so that I continue to learn and grow in my faith. This last month I wanted to be more consistent with my daily devotion, and the result of following through with that goal has been crazy. I’ve loved starting each morning off with a little bit of Jesus. I read it and then take down a little paragraph of notes or thoughts I have on the devotion that morning, and I can say it has 100% made my relationship with God stronger. I then have a physical goal. The physical goal is usually my hardest to achieve. I have never been one to be athletic or eat healthier, it is a constant struggle. This last month my goal was to get back into my routine of cooking/meal prepping at home. Since I moved into my new apartment, my normal routine of meal prepping and going to the gym 5-6 times a week was long gone. I had let myself get back into the habit of eating out every night because of the convenience. I was not perfect all month, but I did make progress from where I had been the previous month… and any progress at all is better than nothing. And last I set my personal goal, this month my goal was to do everything I wanted to do without fear of what others would think. As a direct result of that goal this blog was created! That goal has let me live my own life and let me start enjoying myself in the meantime.

You Can Too!

This simple habit I started has really made me expect more from myself and shown me quicker results toward my overall goal. So, what is stopping you? Choose TODAY to start expecting more from yourself. Set the bar a little higher, there is always room for improvement. Stop dreaming of that thing you’ve always wanted and GO GET IT! Let’s be GOAL DIGGERS together!

I hope that this read might help you get into the habit of setting goals for yourself! If you like this post and want to see more like it, you can subscribe below. By subscribing, you will receive an email every time a new post is uploaded! Thank you for reading, xoxo Taryn

A New Chapter, A New Perspective & A New Me

Happy Fall Y’all

Have you ever wanted to do something or have a goal, but you put it off? Maybe the reason for pushing it aside is lack of time or fear of what others will say… or maybe even self-doubt that you won’t be able to. Well I did. Mine was to start over. I wanted to start over with myself. I wanted to re-find, re-learn and re-love myself again. But I was afraid. Until one day I asked myself ‘why’? Why was I afraid to put myself first? It is pushed into our minds that doing that is selfish but it’s not. You can’t be the best you or give the best version of yourself to other if YOU aren’t treating YOU right. So, I did it. I hit rock bottom last year… I was so heartbroken and lost. And that is when I was found. I was officially done asking ‘why’? I moved to a new city, I made new friends and I made my new house a home. I started working out and meal prepping, I changed the way I thought and I changed my attitude. I bought a devotion, I found a church, and most importantly I dove into my bible. I created a new me. The real reason I can put myself first now without fear is because I fell in love with God. He has showed me my worth. I look at everything differently now because my eyes are set on Him. He is the reason I can confidently say I love who I am, and I love who I am becoming. I have fallen completely in love with myself again and it is THE best feeling ever. This is the life I have always dreamed of.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future…”

Jeremiah 29:11

Meet The Blogger

Hey y’all, I’m Taryn Meaux! Let me get started by telling y’all a little bit about myself. If you can’t tell by the title of the blog or the “y’all” I am from the south. Not only the south but… TEXAS. I am a true southern girl, born & raised. I come from a small Texas town but I’m currently living in College Station, TX for college. I love Jesus, country music, cooking, clothes, shoes, watching football & being with friends and family.

Why would I want to start blog?

I have wanted to start a blog for as long as I can remember, but never took the time to. I feel that I have so much I want to share with the world and that blog would be the best way for me to do that! I want to write about my faith, fashion & health. I want to bring positivity to this blog and I would love to interact and meet people from all over the world! …and you never know, maybe even inspire someone.

My first post should be up shortly… can’t wait to start this journey!