Outfits in a Week

Hey y’all, I’ve wanted to do this blog post FOREVER. So here I am finally getting around to it! Hope y’all enjoy 🙂


Oh the joy of Sunday! Today was a comfy outfit day while I cooked dinner, finished up some homework & watched the Dallas Cowboys defeat the Lions! This soft “COZY” sweatshirt is one of the best things in my closet. It can be worn for a warm night in or a day of running errands! I paired it with some of my favorite black shorts & the perfect black fuzzy slippers.

  • COZY sweatshirt – Peach & Plum Boutique on Facebook – $38.00
  • Black sweatshorts – H&M – $17.99
  • Fuzzy slippers – Amazon – $18.99
  • Blue light glasses – Amazon – $16.99


Que the music… IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEARRRR! My favorite place to get graphic holiday shirts (for any season) is at Peach & Plum Boutique on Facebook. They have SO many to choose from! I paired this “All My Grinches Love Me” shirt with my favorite pair of mom jeans for a more causal look. And of course through on the basic converse to complete the outfit.

  • “All My Grinches Love Me” shirt – Peach & Plum Boutique On Facebook – $28.00
  • Mom jeans – Aeropostale – $56.50
  • Red Converse – Converse – $50.00
  • Bracelets – Ermish – $8.00 each


This is one of my favorite fall looks, every single season! A tip to anyone who is looking to revamp their wardrobe: invest in staple pieces!!! Buy things you can use for various looks. So that being said, this outfit is a simple white laying tee with an army green utility jacket thrown on over it. I paired this with a dark wash pair of skinny jeans and light brown booties. And I always love to front tuck the shirt to dress it up a bit and to show off a fun belt like so!

  • White laying shirt – SHEIN – $9.00
  • Green utility jacket – Target – $39.99
  • Dark wash jeans – Aeropostale – $46.50
  • Brown booties – Target – $37.99
  • Leopard print belt – H&M – $9.99
  • Sunglasses – Quay – $65.00
  • Stack gold bracelets – SHEIN – $4.00


If you love fashion then you know how good the feeling is to make an outfit vision come to life! I bought these pants without ever knowing what I would use them for… okay and for the price LIKE WHAT. This outfit has every single vibe I was trying to achieve. It is flirty, different & so fun. Perfect for so many occasions and most important so comfortable.

  • Babe t-shirt – SHEIN – $9.00
  • Leopard pants – Walmart – $9.98
  • Distressed blue jean jacket – Forever 21 – $39.99
  • Black hat – Pink Lily Boutique – $28.00
  • Black pointed booties – Ella + Scott Boutique – $38.00


A simple outfit that still makes a statement… ABSOLUTELY! This turtle neck sweater is THE softest thing in my closet, I paired it with my black frayed jeans and some pointed toe booties to dress it up a bit. Then I accessorized with my favorite black hat, gold accent jewelry pieces, and a belt!

  • Cream turtle neck sweater – Walmart – $11.86
  • Black frayed jeans – Pink Lily Boutique – $48.00
  • Black pointed booties – Ella + Scott Boutique – $38.00
  • Black hat – Pink Lily Boutique – $28.00
  • Sunglasses – Quay – $65.00
  • Gold stack bracelets – SHEIN – $4.00


Look at this color! I personally don’t own a ton of bold/colorful pieces, but this one is a MUST. Something that I love about this outfit is because of the simplicity of it there are so many shoe options. I chose to pair it with my leopard heels, and for a more modest look I would throw on a blue jean jacket. This jumpsuit is so comfortable you guys… I could literally sleep in it. And best of all, it has pockets. The boutique I snagged this jumpsuit from, Sincere Sally Boutique, has some great options. AND they were generous enough to offer my viewers a code! Use TARYNM25 at checkout for 25% off your purchase 🙂

  • Red jumpsuit – Sincere Sally Boutique – $95.00 (use code TARYNM25 for 25% off)
  • Leopard heels – Pink Lily Boutique – $42.00
  • Sunglasses – Quay – $65.00
  • Gold stack bracelets – SHEIN – $4.00
  • Gold hoops – SHEIN – $2.00


THIS OUTFIT YALL!!! I’ve never wanted to wear an outfit forever but THIS. This would be a perfect outfit for a night out or for that New Years Eve outfit you’ve been searching for 😉 I got you girl! I have had this black leather skirt in my closet… but I could NOT find a top I loved paired with it, until I ordered this sequin shirt! It is not a scratchy or itchy top like most sequin top, it is VERY flattering, and even better it comes in several colors. And last, but most definitely not least, these heels. If your closet doesn’t have any snake skin, you better invest… because IT. IS. IN.

  • Black leather jacket – Charlotte Russe – $59.99
  • Black leather skirt – SHEIN – $12.00
  • Black sequin top – Pink Coconut Boutique – $32.00
  • Snake skin heels – Pink Lily Boutique – $42.00

This has been by far the most fun I’ve had writing a blog because it is something that I love! I love expressing myself through my clothes and getting asked for fashion advice. I get messages often about where I shop and/or how I put together my outfits, so for those of you who ask… I hope this helps! If anybody has any questions ever feel free to ask, my DM’s on Instagram are always open @tarynmeaux

xoxo Taryn

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