Less Dreaming, More Doing


Goals. Everybody has a goal or multiple goals they want to achieve. Whether it be a spiritual goal, a physical goal or a mental goal; they are something we hold ourselves accountable for. Most of the time when these goals are reached, we have bettered ourselves in some way.  As a young adult who just started living on my own, I have recently realized just how important goals are for me.

I have always had a vision of my life in the future: a wife and a mom and a teacher… But how was I going to get to all those long-term dreams if I don’t hold myself accountable along the way. Very few lifelong goals, if any, are just a straight shot kind of thing. None of them are a one step and you are there. Reaching long-term goals looks more like a staircase, a very long staircase. Each stair is a minor goal and as you build them up over and over, continuing to better yourself along the way… you will one day reach the top, which is the ultimate goal or that vision.

How Do I Do It? What Are My Goals?

A new habit I have started is setting monthly goals that align to my yearly goals. My goal for 2019 was to find myself again and love that person with all of my heart. Spoiler alert… if you haven’t read the previous blog post, I found myself and I LOVE HER. Getting to that goal wasn’t easy though. I have had to set goals each month that challenged myself to keep growing and keep searching. What I do is sit down at the beginning of the month and writing out 3 goals I want to achieve by the end of that month. I usual have a spiritual goal, a physical goal & a personal goal. I always set a spiritual goal so that I continue to learn and grow in my faith. This last month I wanted to be more consistent with my daily devotion, and the result of following through with that goal has been crazy. I’ve loved starting each morning off with a little bit of Jesus. I read it and then take down a little paragraph of notes or thoughts I have on the devotion that morning, and I can say it has 100% made my relationship with God stronger. I then have a physical goal. The physical goal is usually my hardest to achieve. I have never been one to be athletic or eat healthier, it is a constant struggle. This last month my goal was to get back into my routine of cooking/meal prepping at home. Since I moved into my new apartment, my normal routine of meal prepping and going to the gym 5-6 times a week was long gone. I had let myself get back into the habit of eating out every night because of the convenience. I was not perfect all month, but I did make progress from where I had been the previous month… and any progress at all is better than nothing. And last I set my personal goal, this month my goal was to do everything I wanted to do without fear of what others would think. As a direct result of that goal this blog was created! That goal has let me live my own life and let me start enjoying myself in the meantime.

You Can Too!

This simple habit I started has really made me expect more from myself and shown me quicker results toward my overall goal. So, what is stopping you? Choose TODAY to start expecting more from yourself. Set the bar a little higher, there is always room for improvement. Stop dreaming of that thing you’ve always wanted and GO GET IT! Let’s be GOAL DIGGERS together!

I hope that this read might help you get into the habit of setting goals for yourself! If you like this post and want to see more like it, you can subscribe below. By subscribing, you will receive an email every time a new post is uploaded! Thank you for reading, xoxo Taryn

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