A New Chapter, A New Perspective & A New Me

Happy Fall Y’all

Have you ever wanted to do something or have a goal, but you put it off? Maybe the reason for pushing it aside is lack of time or fear of what others will say… or maybe even self-doubt that you won’t be able to. Well I did. Mine was to start over. I wanted to start over with myself. I wanted to re-find, re-learn and re-love myself again. But I was afraid. Until one day I asked myself ‘why’? Why was I afraid to put myself first? It is pushed into our minds that doing that is selfish but it’s not. You can’t be the best you or give the best version of yourself to other if YOU aren’t treating YOU right. So, I did it. I hit rock bottom last year… I was so heartbroken and lost. And that is when I was found. I was officially done asking ‘why’? I moved to a new city, I made new friends and I made my new house a home. I started working out and meal prepping, I changed the way I thought and I changed my attitude. I bought a devotion, I found a church, and most importantly I dove into my bible. I created a new me. The real reason I can put myself first now without fear is because I fell in love with God. He has showed me my worth. I look at everything differently now because my eyes are set on Him. He is the reason I can confidently say I love who I am, and I love who I am becoming. I have fallen completely in love with myself again and it is THE best feeling ever. This is the life I have always dreamed of.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future…”

Jeremiah 29:11

3 thoughts on “A New Chapter, A New Perspective & A New Me

  1. My sweet beautiful niece!! I’m
    So very proud of you!! You have a heart of gold and you will do mighty things!! Keep your eyes on things above and nothing can knock you down!! Love you soooo much!!

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